About Us

Meet the boy behind the cause.

We founded No Stone in honor of our son, Stone who was diagnosed at 2 years of age with Cardio-Facio-Cutaneous Syndrome (CFC Syndrome) a rare genetic syndrome that includes developmental, cognitive and neurological delays. It also manifests with numerous medical complications.

Our experience with Stone presented exceptional challenges. In spite of our education and exposure to medical intervention, there were times we were simply at a loss. In response to our tempering, we founded the No Stone Unturned Foundation. Through adversities with Stone, we realized that many of the therapies and behavioral techniques that Stone and other children with similar delays needed were not easily accessible or even affordable.

Stone has been an inspiration to us to fight for the children and families of children in our communities to make these services available to them. Stone has a strong will, fun and loving spirit and his favorite statement is, “that is so funny.” We have learned more from this precious soul than we could ever have comprehended and now he has given us the opportunity to make a difference for others.

Our Partners

Please visit our foundation website, No Stone Unturned Foundation and our youth psychiatry/psychology affiliate, Katie’s Way.


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