In 2017, three moms came together to advocate for their boys, organizing a 5K race called Run for Autism, with the goal of increasing awareness of Autism. This venture continues in working to raise money for organization in town that advocate for and work with individuals with not just Autism, but any special need.

Continuing the endeavors of Run for Autism, in 2019 steps began in the process of legalizing the organization as a 501 (c) 3 foundation call Perfect Fit Foundation of SWK. In the process of developing the foundation it was recognized that there are very limited services for special needs children and individuals in Southwest Kansas. With this, the idea of creating and opening a therapy clinic was born and Perfect Fit Foundation of SWK gained a new purpose and goal.

The creation of the Perfect Fit Foundation will be to serve the special needs community of Southwest Kansas in providing multidisciplinary therapy services to the community. The foundation will fund the not-for-profit clinic in order to provide therapy services to not just Dodge City, but to Southwest Kansas.

Board Members

Founders - Trista Fergerson, Holly Legg, Tatiana Tuchez

Foundation Officers

President - Trista Fergerson

Vice President - Holly Legg

Secretary - Elaine Gall

Interim Treasurer - Trista Fergerson, Elaine Gall

At large board members- Randy Riekenberg, Paige Bangerter, Danny Thomas, Dr. R.C. Trotter, Jeff Hiers

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